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Arunita Thanks Fans

What the Fans Say?

Arunita's Fans have been pillars of support in her journey and will continue to have her back till she makes it and beyond as well. Here is a look at the fans with their ardent admiration for her below

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Somnath Bhattacharyya

Let your enchanting voice mesmerize all spanning across the horizons of East to West ,similar to the fresh fragrance of a budding flower permeating through the air or the melodious 'tootle' of flute from a maestro's lips travelling across miles ,enthrall all across the vast expanse of South to North ,like the southern monsoon breeze that touches the heart of millions. May the success of Arunita become the NorthStar for generations to come.


Arnab Sen

My fondness for classical, melodic and heart melting songs has grown 10 folds because of Arunita. It almost feel unreal how impact full music can be when sung right. I am an avid fan of her and want her to achieve and be unique in the industry. Be the best and be simple. Lots and lots of wishes from me. Forever Arunita Fan.


Madhuparna Nandi

Arunita, did your Maa Baba just knew beforehand you are going to be the Sunshine in its truest sense! Perhaps yes! You, as a whole, your persona and voice emit that gleam which doesn’t scorch but warms. Your sound is no more abstract, it has transformed into a personality that transcends every boundary; be it age structure, generations, ethnicity, religion, countries, bars between early-era or contemporary music and most importantly human souls that might hold different beliefs but responds to emotions likewise. I really cannot make up my mind do I admire your voice more or adore your nature better. Being just a couple of years less than twice the age you are, I don’t qualify to be a mother or sister to a girl of your age. Nevertheless, I always earnestly would wish; if I ever give birth to a child, may my daughter grow up to be an exact replica of you. Let me also grab this opportunity to convey what impact you have had on me. Living all by oneself in a distant foreign land amidst snowy mountains can be relaxing but can be very lonely at times. You helped me endure all. Your soothing voice brought me peace, your selfless innocence brought me pride, your achievements brought me words and last but not the least your enchanting smile brought me smiles. Such is the amplification ability you are endowed and blessed with. I keep wondering how the little Bengal cub has been raised such graciously, a perfect amalgamation of timeless elegance and sheer brilliance. You are beautiful inside out; the best part is you are unaware of it. In poetic escape, my heart murmurs for you; "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Keep walking tall, keep your chin up, keep walking the earth on your rights and rules, keep achieving and keep being the sunshine you already are! Wonder girl! May you stay humane and content and may your soul rejoice with whatever your heart desires for!

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Arunita, what do I say about you!! I am old enough to be your grandmother. Your voice has this magnet that just pulls me to listen to your songs all the time. I send you all my prayers and blessings every single day. Arunita single handedly carries a performance by herself! The divinity and purity in her voice touched the core of my soul. Her consistency, perfection and flawlessness in every performance was beyond judgement. Her soulful voice causes goosebumps every time she sings. She’s absolutely blessed by the almighty! It broke my heart when she wasn’t declared as the winner of a show , but for all Arunita’s die hard fans at such a young age, she’s one of the best singers who’s been blessed by the legend Lata ji, our unique Arunita Kanjilal who has made her parents and her fans proud of her accomplishments. Love you from Canada.


Milan Morajkar

Arunita, you are a DIVINE singer with a mellifluous & euphonious voice. I can listen to you over and over again, you are that good. Your power and control over singing are just unbelievable, highly commendable. Keep practicing & keep working hard. The road to success is ahead of you. Wish to see you growing & shining brighter in your career too. All the very best!


Renu Tandon

Arunita you are a wonder girl. I fall short of words to describe you. The way you have captured my heart is unprecedented. This has never happened to me before. You're right there with my kids, who are a year and 2 older then you, in my heart. I worry for you, wait to hear about you. I pray that you reach the heights that you deserve. You're the best singer right now. Keep growing and be happy always.


Mousomi Kar

Arunita is my favorite singer ,I love her songs very much , she is my inspiration I follow her from the show SA RE GA MA PA from that time she was my favorite an always she will be my favorite


Kishore PVRN

Arunita, you have become a dear daughter for many like me across the world. You have such a positive influence on me, I listen to your songs almost every day to unwind myself after long day at work and they bring me sense of calmness and joy. I listen to legends Kishore Kumar, Yesudas, Hariharan, AR Rahman, Shreya, Sid Sreeram and now you are an addition to that illustrious list. You are tremendously gifted and I am in awe of your voice and the voice culture. It would have taken a great amount of passion, practice and perseverance to get to the level of perfection you are at now, please keep it up. I will be cheering for you at every step of your way as you scale new heights in your musical journey all the way from USA.


Sunny Tandon

Arunita you're incredible. You've turned me into an addict. I'm addicted to your voice, your songs. You not only are the best singer today, but also have a wonderful personality and carry yourself so gracefully. No wonder you're loved by millions around the world. I'm an ardent fan and hope and pray that you attain the heights of success which you deserve. God bless and keep entertaining us with your phenomenal singing.

Singing Aru

Abani Bhushan Kanjilal

Arunita's songs touch my heart ❤


Tanuj Gupta

Arunita , your voice is absolutely divine.

No one can sing with perfection around emotion , voice dynamics & pitch as you can. Transcendental singer for ages ❤

There is not a shred of doubt that your talent is limitless and otherworldly. My best wishes are with you always & pray that you reach the zenith while shining like a star on the horizon. This fanpage is for Arunita, by Arunita and dedicated to Arunita. 


Shobha Haldipur

Arunita has just set the stage on fire and given us immense happiness and joy in these tough times. We hope to see her in Bollywood soon as a shining star and pray that her voice reaches millions

Singing Aru


When I have almost given upon recent playback music and was done with the auto tuned singers you knocked the door of my heart open with “Is mod se Jaaten Hai” just by chance. From that till date every time you sang you stole a small piece of my heart. You have cast a magic spell with your voice and I am hooked for eternity.. Will love and support you wherever life takes you.. Best wishes


Sumit Jagwani

मैंने बहुत से सिंगिंग शो देखे हैं लेकिन कभी किसी प्रतिभागी से इतना लगाव नही हुआ जैसा अरुनीता से हुआ, अरुनीता की सिंगिंग सीधे दिल को छूती है उसकी अदाएं उसका भोलापन मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगता है जब वो बोलती है तो लगता है कि बस उसको सुनते रहूं, मेरी ईश्वर से बस यही प्रार्थना है कि इस लड़की को हमेशा खुश रखे और इसका कैरियर बहुत सफल जो ऐसी कामना करता हूँ🙏

Singing Aru

Shantakee Chatterjee

In this world, where the true music is standing at the verge of extinction, we , music lovers seriously need someone to bring back that era and to deliver those in the upcoming days along with the legends. Arunita makes us believe that music will be at least in the safe hands in future. She starting from her performance on 'Aapki Akhon Mein Kuch' , till the end of the mega show, never failed to mesmerize us for a single day and still continues to do so. Her graceful appearances on the stage make us remember the shining stars in the dark night sky. Being the owner of a spectacular unique voice, you are the queen with an amazing personality and a great heart. Thank you so much for giving us peace from time to time we require and lifting our moods. May god always be with you throughout your journey to achieve the peak of your dream & ensure that the fans are with you always ❤️


Saksham Singh

Arunita, one of the best singers I've heard till date. Her vocal quality is incomparable with any other singer. She has a very lovely and sweet tone and most importantly the way she says each and every word her emotions and devotion towards the song is shown; with this she never fails to impress the audience as she builds the connection with all her listeners with her beautiful expressions and this quality of her has really won my heart. I'm damn sure that she's gonna conquer this music industry very soon and really really wish from the depth of my heart that she achieves the highest feat in her life and the world should recognize her by her name.


Muskan Tosniwal

ARUNITA the QUEEN OF MUSIC , you are truly a gem. Vocally you have a great tone and really good control on high notes Great feeling and expertise you convey on emotions , it feels like you wrapped a storm in melody , the voice surely deserves an award. You can do voice modulation in each and every songs, its a great thing which you possess. When you sing , you sing it with such confidence it shows you are in different world, that's what I like about you the most. I can listen to your voice over and over again. You are a fantastic singer singing, at par with legends and there is no exception to that. Your voice is too mesmerizing, hypnotic, peaceful, amazing, outstanding, sweet, beautiful, melodious, divine & heavenly. Your singing is magnificent as you can sing perfectly both in high n low pitch. Your commitment to music is such an inspiration. You bring an unique energy that's sets you apart , a truly gifted singer. Since you practice very hard , may you get everything you desire. Your singing is deep healing, captivating, soft , nostalgic and passionate. Arunita , you have lots of potential with superpowers.

Few lines of Shayari , truly meant for you  -

Singing is your passion,

Singing is your dream,

Music is the pool,

In which you like to swim

Arunita1 (70).jpg

Anu Dingankar

Arunita whenever I listen to your songs, really become spellbound. Arunita you're incredible. You've turned me into an addict. I am addicted to your voice, your songs. I can instantly connect with your voice. Your voice is simply a stress buster, for me personally. Your songs touch my heart. Emotion wise, singing wise, expression wise, perfection wise, voice wise , the one and only Arunita connects with me. My favorite and for me, she is the best. She is not only a very good singer, her voice is full of emotions. I will love and support you whenever life takes you. I watch your songs everyday on youtube. One of my friends suggested that I watch/listen to your song with Shri Udit Narayanji , & when I saw your song, from that time I became more interested and attracted to listen to you. After completion of Idol, I thought my craze will end up, but your new songs surprised me.
I started following your news on google, watching Youtube news for getting updates about you. Basically I don't have social media but still keep myself up-to-date about your journey, I have never done it before for anyone, but doing all this from the bottom of heart. May all your dreams come true, wish you all the best. I hope I can meet you 😍


Aditi Dutta

Emotion wise , singing wise , perfection wise singing , voice wise , the one and only Arunita connects with me and how can I forget the consistency part. Simply outstanding. 10 ache gaane  koi bhi gaa sakta hai but 100 gaane perfect gaana, have never seen this level of consistency in any talent in any show till date. My favorite and for me, she is the BEST ❤ Arunita is not only a very good singer her voice is full of emotions

Arunita1 (70).jpg

Jayita Bhandary

Arunita, whenever I listen to your songs I really become spellbound. Your voice is so addictive. I can instantly connect with your voice. I can listen u whole day without any monotony. One of the excellent qualities of your singing is voice modulation. You can modulate your voice according to song effortlessly. Hope bollywood will recognize your talent and may your voice reign in the heart of millions. All the best.



If music and beats would be a human it would be the copy of you, Arunita. You have a dulcet tone which attracts every soul which listens to your songs, a seductive voice like never before and probably never after, a euphonious voice which makes you and your singing unparalleled and completely unique. Every time I make an attempt or will to listen to you, you drive me to another world, a world where your melodies gives great relief, it feels like you wrapped a storm of melodies. Your voice is simply a stress buster, for me, personally. There have been times when I felt numb as well while listening to few of your songs (and one of it is 'Ek Radha, Ek Meera'). Your versatility, your music sense, your melodies, your voice, you as a performer, your maturity in understanding any song, your presentation of a song, your control on your voice, your confidence, your passion, everything, all are top notch! God bless you abundantly with loads of success and opportunities Arunita, all my prayers always with and for you. Keep smiling and shining, all the best!


English Patient

I’m addicted to Arunita’s soulful mellifluous singing. I have never heard such perfect renditions, she knows how to express every word in a song which connects straight to my soul. It’s extremely rare to find such a talented singer who’s also so graceful, humble and down to earth. Whenever I find a little time I keep listening to her beautiful renditions. In these difficult times, I find solace in her songs, it gives me a sense of peace. Sincerely hope she fulfills her dreams and becomes super successful!


Jhilik Nandy

Arunita no matter how much I praise you it will always be too less compared to your talent. You have the perfect voice that suits every kind of song. Your voice is sweet but at the same time it is strong ,powerful , sharp and clean which makes it unique. Most important the maturity in your voice is something else and the control you have over your voice is truly commendable that's why you can modulate your voice according to the song easily. One more thing I like about your singing is your clear pronunciation no matter the language of the songs, defining emotions and meaning of every words through your voice that's why your performance becomes so soulful and it touches our heart. Your hard work and dedication , love & passion for music is shown every time you perform & is truly inspiring for the upcoming artists. Arunita deserves the utter most success in the music industry and I really pray to God that you get everything in your life you desire and deserve.


Sharanya Chatterjee

Others will definitely mention about how your melodious voice gives them peace, some might mention about your gracefulness but I'll mention the impact of your voice here! You might know some of it but let me introduce you to the borewell you left behind. When you appeared on the stage of Indian Idol I've seen lakhs of people going crazy for you! I've seen my least spoken elder sister arguing in the comments for you, I've seen her finding peace in your music and never getting bored of listening them on loop. She made friends not one / two but many of them just from your fan pages! She got so many valuable people in her life for you Arunita who values her as a person just because of you! I must mention that I really am not a person who follows your every step but I really enjoy your impact a lot! Along with your musical power you have a power of uniting people so keep that charm alive always! And also you stay happy because that matters most! Just a thankful sister of yours༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ


Sonali Ghosh Chaudhuri

Arunita means the brightness of the ray of the sun. May you enlighten our heart and soul with the power of your soulful and melodious voice. And may your inner strength can absorb all the negativity. Shine like a star my Queen..



Arunita Kanjilal , what to say about her words are less to describe her because she is brilliant singer as well a humble personality. As her name means bright like rays of sun similarly she is lightning people's life with her melodious voice . Just want to thank her for all those beautiful melancholic songs that she presented with such a chaos made my day the best . Not only mine but I would like to mention about my neighbor as she is very old can't go out and loves peaceful music and one day while talking to her I just made her listen to her she loved it so much that everyday she asks me about her and updates related to her. She too followed her performance on Indian Idol and supported her and for us she is winner of our hearts .Thank you so much Aru for bringing back peaceful music to our lives . Now we know that we have a right person in music industry from new generation to bring good music to the audience. I will always support Arunita and may god fulfill her all the wishes .


Tanvi Giri

Arunita is such a gifted & magical girl. God has blessed her himself. She is a special talent , and a special person for me. I love her truly from my heart and I promise to support her lifelong. All I want to see is her shining brightly in future and becoming a legend. Lots of love Aru ♥️

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